A state of the art martial arts facility specializing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training and fitness.
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“I’m a female and enjoy training at Sakura. My husband trains here as well. The people at Sakura are warm and friendly. Coach Chris Civello, is an excellent and passionate instructor who wants to see his students excel in Jiu Jitsu. Chris is also great with children. I plan to enroll my sons when they’re old enough. We travel 45 minutes just to go here. I highly recommend this school.”
~Jamie Mendoza


“Sakura Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Im not sure where to start..My experience there has been been so great all around. From my preliminary call to the last day of my trial, everything was great! I have learned so much from Chris Civello and the crew over at Sakura. The place is a friendly environment and with Chris’s instruction I am confident that ANYONE can learn jiu jitsu. And you will get in the best shape of your life and make life long friends while doing so. I encourage anyone who is interested in the sport for competition or even self defense to give Sakura a try. I was brand new to the sport and so nervous at first, but everyone at Sakura was more than welcoming and kind. Thanks to everyone there I am in love and can’t get enough BJJ. Thanks to everyone at Sakura!”        ~Justin Taylor